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covid-19 update

We still plan to meet in-person. That being said, we also stand united with health professionals around the world. That is why we are required to alert you that gatherings pose a heightened risk of community transmission, and that individuals with existing health conditions are at particularly serious risk if they contract Covid-19 and should not attend. If you are unsure, we strongly advise that you consult your trusted health professional before considering attending on of our meetings. Also, hand sanitizer and masks will be made readily available at all in-person meetings. Thank you for your understanding!

in-person meetings are back!

That being said, we are planning and scheduling in-person meetings starting this June. Our meetings will take place on Sunday afternoons and will be held outdoors, in an open space.  We will be complying will local health orders and providing the necessary  protective equipment in order to remain compliant. Book a spot now or just show up! Check our member page frequently for more details.


Are you an artist? Join our Artist Initiative today to become an officially signed artist and to start earning commission today. Support our Signed Artists by buying products that feature their art on our online store.

online meetings are still happening

In fact, we're holding two meetings every week on Thursdays, one at 5PM PST and another at 9PM PST. No matter what time zone you live in, joining our meetings has never been easier before. Our meetings are centered on the open discussion of psychedelics. Join us on Thursdays and add your voice to the discussion.

iris supportive services

You can also book services with Chelsey at Iris Supportive Services directly from our website. Iris Supportive Services is a project dedicated to reducing harm and to celebrating freedom of expression. Their services are focused on physical and virtual safe spaces that are designed to provide human connection and foster peer-to-peer support. Check them out online and book a safe space with Chelsey today.

more live techno

We are happy to announce that DJ RaminO will be gracing us with more free, live music. Join us on the internet and tune in to the most psychedelic trance in San Mateo. RaminO is a talented DJ from Italy, who now mixes tracks California. Celebrate their tunes with us during the next live stream! Did you miss the last live stream? Click below to see some past clips of RaminO.

Artist Initiative

Have you ever smoked weed?

Are you an artist?

join a global Network

Are you an artist?

We love artists. That is why we want to highlight their work on our products. Sign up today to start earning.

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Earn commission

join a global Network

Are you an artist?

Earn money for your art! Sign up, submit a design, and start earning commission on every sale.

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join a global Network

join a global Network

join a global Network

Our club is already collaborating with artists all over the world to create psychedelic art and merchandise. Join our network and meet like-minded individuals.

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Earn A Passive Income

Additional Information

 Sign up for our the Psychedelic Club of San Mateo Artist Initiative to start earning money for your art. Signing up is easy. Just use our form on the Contact Us page of our website to fill out your information. Once our team receives your info, we will carefully review it and contact you at your provided email address.

Upon approval, signed artists will be given a 12% commission per item sale featuring their artwork. You, and your art, will also be featured on our website and social media. Just think of it as free advertising. In addition, by becoming a signed artist with our organization, you will also automatically become a member of our club.

Psychedelic Club of San Mateo members enjoy access to exclusive content on our website. Members also receive exclusive deals and discounts on club merchandise including, but not limited to, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, and harm reduction supplies. 


Artists will also receive a complimentary sample of the finished product featuring their art.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an artist, graphic designer, photo editor, or even just an amateur artist, sign up for our Artist Initiative and start earning passive income today.

Learn More

To learn more about our Artist Initiative, please use the button below to navigate to our Artist Initiative Sign Up Form. Once we have received your information, someone from our team will contact you shortly to discuss setting up a commission account with us. Don't wait, spots are limited.

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